Getting Around Kansas City

The quickest way for most people to get into Kansas City would be to fly. The city and metro area is served by the Kansas City International Airport, which is located about 15 miles northwest of the city center. The airport is one of the busiest in the Midwest United States as it serves over 10 million passengers each year. Over a dozen major international airlines operate gates out of the airports and nearly 150 flights take place on a daily basis, with direct service to nearly 50 different cities across the country.

Due to its proximity in the middle of the country, driving into Kansas City is also a pretty good option. In fact, the metropolitan area has more freeway miles per capita than any other city in the country. Several major interstates, including I-29, I-35, and I-70 run right through the city. I-29 could be taken to the St Joseph, MO area or into southern Nebraska. A driver could reach Des Moines, IA within just three hours by taking I-35 north or Wichita, KS within two-and-a-half hours by taking I-35 West. St Louis, MO is accessible within just four hours by taking I-70 east.

The third way to get into the city of Kansas City would be to take a bus. Due to its proximity to several major interstates, Kansas City is a major hub for both the Greyhound Bus Lines and the Megabus Bus Lines. Buses leave from downtown Kansas several times per day and could be used to connect directly to various cities including Des Moines, St Louis, Topeka, and Chicago, but could ultimately be used to connect to anywhere in the continental United States.

Public Transportation
Transportation within the city limits of Kansas City is managed by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. Those that are traveling within the city limits will likely take advantage of the Metro Area Express bus system, which operates 87 different bus stations around the city. These buses run seven days per week, and many routes are available late into the night.

Since the city does not have a commuter rail system, people commuting from the surrounding suburbs and outskirts of the city limits will often take a bus into the downtown area. There are 61 different bus routes that extend into the outer communities. Over 125,000 people ride one of the buses on a daily basis.