Kansas City Shopping

Country Club Plaza
If you are looking for a shopping center in the heart of Kansas City, Country Club Plaza is located just along the banks of Brush Creek. The Country Plaza is pedestrian-friendly and offers 15 blocks of retail stores that you can choose from. With specialty stores, department stores, home stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, and toy stores, there is something for everyone at the plaza. Be sure to review the events calendar and try to stop by when live concerts, fashion shows, and art fairs are being held at the plaza.

Brookside is a very eclectic place where you can find everything that you are looking for in the 80 different shops. Built in 1920, Brookside was Kansas City's first suburban shopping center. The shopping area is very charming and has remained a historic site. Aside from the eateries and the shops, shoppers can also attend events at Brookside like the ever-popular St. Pat's Parade.

Zona Rosa
Zona Rosa was designed with the community in mind. If you are looking for a shopping area that makes you feel at home, this is the place to visit. Unlike some other shopping malls that look almost identical to others throughout the country, this shopping center has unique architecture for a reason. There is plenty of green space for the eco-friendly shopper and this shopping center even has residential space for individuals who want to be within walking distance of their favorite shops.

The Crown Center
Shopping centers do not only have to be stocked full of different retail stores. If you find a perfect shopping center, you can stay entertained without spending loads of money. The Crown Center is a shopping center, a concert venue, an event location, a hotel lodging area, and an office complex in one. With over 50 different shops, leisure facilities, attractions, luxury hotels, and even restaurants, you can spend the entire day or your entire vacation in this exclusive area.

The Kansas City Crossroads Arts District
If you have a love for art, you might not enjoy shopping in the typical mall. The Crossroads Art District just might be the perfect place to visit. Unlike the boring stalls at the mall, you can walk into creative business studios and browse through merchandise while you look at art as if you were in a gallery. Visit the boutique shops and see original items that no one else can buy.